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Offset Print How to do Decal Printing Singapore with High Quality Design by Offset

Advertising agencies in Singapore are continuously being pestered by client companies to come up with the finest billboards and promotional materials. Our printing brand of White Paper Communication has brought an edge to such clients. This is through the finest services of decal printing Singapore. Decals are differently sized posters, nameplates and stickers, which can be pasted over a certain surface. For the purpose of advertising, decals are printed by our offset printing company Singapore.

Ascertaining the Purpose of Decal Placement for the Choices to be Customised

Experts in printing at our company will first discuss the advertisement requirements of the clients. Offset printing is one of the best ways to get the decals done. Although laser and screen printing methods are also used, decal printing Singapore is best suited for large numbers of posters. But the one-off ads can be done using laser printing or the screen printing method. The former is right for large car decal printing Singapore or for the hoarding. Such a method is suitable for outdoor materials. It can also be a good option for full scale wall cover. This method has high resolution due to the huge dpi spread, while the picture becomes clear in comparison to other methods. Car decals will look bright and clear from long distances, which can be used by clients for large displays and hoardings in halls, auditoriums, store displays and in trade fairs.

Proper Use of Screen Printing for Decal Designs

Many of our clients also prefer the screen printing methods for decals because it is suited for uneven and plain surfaces. When the print is to be directly done over a surface such as metal or wood or fabric, screen printing method can be used by offset printing company Singapore. Many such posters are done on variety of surfaces especially when gifts are being designed for promotional purposes. Artwork and t-shirt materials can be labelled with specific logos and designs using this method. It can be a method of car decal printing Singapore, depending on the purpose and the number of such posters. Hence, it is important to discuss with our experts to come up with the right choices for the printing process.

Designs Finest Created with Computer Aided Tools and Software

Especially for the purpose of decal, the choice is to be finally decided on the basis of utility. Depending on the type of clarity and number of copies, our offset printing company Singapore can provide the best features for your advertisement purposes. Utility of such products can be done at specific places on the basis of which we will put the designs in the specific machines. But the best part of all types of designs is that the car decal printing Singapore is first initiated with the use of computer software. By such use, we first create the exact designs that you would require for the advertisements. Such designs are blended with proper materials and the space in which these are put up to have the best effects on targeted clients and customers.